Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sleepasaurus Hud

I've always sworn that we got off way too easy on the whole sleeping thing with Hudson. That's reason #1 that I should not have another child--because the next one will never sleep. Sleeping has never been an issue in our house. I was a cry it out kind of mom when he was an infant. He was sleeping in his own room by 4 months and sleeping through the night consistently by 6 months. We haven't turned back since except for maybe a time or two when he's been ill. Its not uncommon for him to take a 3 hour nap sometimes.

Lantis and I are big sleepers. Lantis takes a nap religiously. He loves the Spanish culture and I think their siestas are what originally drew him in. I could sleep 13 hours a night and still not have enough. Weekends like the one we just had really set me back in the sleeping department. It takes me days to make up for all the energy I've exerted.

Last Saturday Hudson slept until 10 am! This is an all time record. He went down at 8 pm and I actually woke him up myself at 10 because I was afraid something was wrong or he might never go back to sleep again. Silly me. He was just fine AND he took a nap that afternoon AND he went back to bed at 8. Sunday and Monday we were a little off schedule because of holiday weekend festivities which I'm guessing caught up with him on Tues because he took a 4 hour nap!! Again I woke him up at 6 pm thinking he would never go back to sleep, but wrong again. He went back to bed at 8 with no protests. He climbed in his bed, closed his eyes and didn't wake up until 8 am the next day.

Is this normal!? I'm baffled and a little jealous to be honest. If I didn't have so much to do I would match him minute for minute. I'm tired...(yawn)...nite nite.

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