Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Fun Day Phone Pics-Edition 1

I've decided to start a new little segment I will lovingly call the "Sunday Fun Day Phone Pics". These are some pictures I've taken over the last week or two with my handy dandy cell phone that I feel like are worth sharing.

First, and my personal fave: Grandma Hollis' birthday dinner at Red Lobster. Yes she ordered an entire lobster. Yes she weighs 98 pounds soaking wet. Yes, she is wearing a giant bandage that wraps her entire head due to a little tumble the night before. No, this pic wasn't taken in January--she wears a coat year round because she freezes constantly.

Hudson cleaning Buddy after he came in from the yard. Apparently he was tracking in too much trash and my OCD little Hud couldn't handle it.

This was taken after we got home from the beach and were picking up Buddy from boarding. Hudson missed Buddy so much and was SO excited that he got to go with us to pick him up and even MORE excited that Buddy was allowed to ride in the back with him.

Driving home from the beach I drove through a herd of bugs. It was ridiculous. I couldn't see afterward and when I tried to wash them off they merely smeared all over the windshield. Lantis tried to take a pic for me, but I don't think it does it justice. Out of boredom, he counted the bug guts and there were 237 bugs splattered on the windshield. They all said if they had the guts they'd do it again. Sorry I couldn't resist.

When in Orange Beach we always go to Tacky Jack's. Its one of our faves and we love the view. We tried it out for breakfast and Lantis had a massive pancake. Check this thing out! We were there just a few hours before Obama ate lunch there. That's my new claim to fame.

A speedo exiting the pool. NO. I did NOT swim with him! There isn't enough chlorine in the world.

The Hud enjoying the sand with his "special" kid sunglasses. He rolled up on the beach via short bus about 15 minutes prior to this pic.

I've saved the last and most shameful for last....

Hudson's Uncle Lindsey bought him a T shirt that will never be worn outside of the house. Hudson likes his shirt with the owl on it! :)

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