Monday, June 7, 2010

A cut hair for Hudson

We've discovered a new passion of Hudson's. He loves getting his hair cut. Last weekend Lantis was going for a quick trim while we were out running errands and Hudson had to join the fun. When heard "hair cut" he insisted that we have his "cut hair" while we were there. He really didn't need a hair cut, but we went in and signed Lantis up, and were just planning to play it by ear with Hudson. When Mandy called Lantis' name, Hudson jumped up and ran ahead saying "Huddy cut hair!" Everyone in the place loved it! Hilarious! So we let Mandy trim his hair. He didn't even want Lantis or me to stand by him this time.

He sits like a statue the entire time. He nearly falls asleep. He doesn't even budge with the electric clippers. I guess I have a new thing to bribe him with. "Eat your brocoli and I'll take you to get a hair cut!" Ha!

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