Thursday, June 24, 2010

Muffin men and a dash of Father's Day

Sunday was Father's Day. I don't have major Father's Day celebrations to report, but it was an all-about-daddy-weekend. Friday night we grilled burgers with the Courson's. Saturday torrential downpours came out of no where and changed our plans for a lake we made the best of being stuck in B'ham and went to Superior to pig out on cheese dip. :) Sunday we (Hudson and I) got up early, made muffins and cards for dad while he slept in.

The Hud loves to "help" me with whatever I'm doing. He begged to "tirr" the muffin mix, so after I blended the majority of the clumps I turned the bowl over to him. He was so proud of himself. He stood in front of the oven and watched them bake and kept asking me if we could eat them yet. Finally the buzzer sounds and he runs to wake dad. He jumped on the bed and whispered to Lantis "Happy Tader's Day Daddy! I tirr mutmins por you. Let's go eat!" They are so sweet together. He led Lantis into the kitchen and pointed to the card and muffins and said "I made it!!" He melts my heart. I think Lantis too was a big puddle in the floor.

After breakfast we went out on the boat, had lunch on the water, and were back in time for nap. We hit up the evening service at church which was great!

So there's the overview of the weekend. Riveting, huh?

This post reminded me that I never posted about my Mother's Day or Hudson's school year. I'm so far behind! I also need to post about Hud and what he's up to lately. I'll just say this and not one thing more for fear for jinxing it...I think I may have bought my last package of diapers a few weeks ago. Too bad it was a Costco box of diapers and there are approximately 4, 874 of them. I may have size 5 diapers for sale soon. Stay tuned!

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