Thursday, June 24, 2010

A look-see inside this little noodle

My brain is a busy and random place. Would you like to see what's on my mind today?

1. I hate that I've been missing The Bachelorette this season. I can't stand the thoughts of missing a show that turns out such true romance and class.

2. Besides a photo shoot and Lantis' grandmother's 91st bday Saturday I'm planning a big weekend of nothing-ness: movie watching, a date with the DVR, no shoes and just t-shirts. I'd like to say I probably won't even wear a bra, but that's not true. I have to. Wish I didn't. That's enough.

3. I have no clue why I'm sharing under-wearing habits with you.

4. I'm out of floss in my purse and freaking out about it. I floss my teeth at least twice a day...apparently this is bizarre and some people don't even own floss. I know this to be true because the beach house we stayed in had none. I LOVE the mini packs of floss that you get at the dentist's office. I keep one or two in my purse at all times--except now. If you had big chicklets like I do, you'd understand my flossing obsession.

5. I've become a blog junkie. I stalk blogs waiting on their next post.

6. I'm reading a book called Radical by David Platt that I'm going to blog about when I'm finished. Its uh-mazing and everyone needs to read it.

7. I have a new found love for Tyler Candles. They are wonderfully scented little jars of glamor. I love anything/anyone who is bold enough to put leopard print on their lids. They are freaking fabulous! They also have laundry detergent, soaps and car fresheners. Its all very girly and makes you feel pretty. Pineapple Crush may just be the best smell ever. I have decided that's what my mansion in heaven will smell like. I wish I could put a scratch and sniff right on this page for you to experience the goodness that is Tyler Candles. Check out this cute car air freshener. Its like they made it for me! Cute huh?

8. One Republic is my musical obsession right now. Jack Johnson's new album and an old one called En Concert is really crankin' my tractor right now also. I can't live without music or my iPod/iPhone. I scour iTunes every Tuesday for new releases.

9. My family is technologically retarded. They frustrate me. I bought my mom and dad a digital camera three years ago and they've used it approximately two times and never done anything with the pics that are on it for fear of turning on their computer. My dad then goes and purchases a really nice digital camera. He's used it a few times. He's still never done a dang thing with the pics on it! If you'd like to see the photos from my niece's dance recital, you'll just have to look at them on the camera. No exceptions.

10. Number 9 reminded me that I bought dad a digital pic frame that is still in the box. Lesson learned: never buy mom or dad anything that requires electricity. Its all gas lanterns and cast iron skillets from this point forward.

11. I want a Jeep really bad. One of those four door Jeep's. Hudson and I would be hot cruising in one of those! I would also own a Vespa if it were socially acceptable...but I live in Alabama (not Switzerland) and us mom's around here like to haul our offspring around in big gas guzzling, ozone depleting SUV's. :)

12. I'm frustrated with people who think something that they know nothing about is "stupid". Ignorance. Now that's stupid. Make an educated opinion before you decide what's stupid and what's not. (ex: just because you don't understand technology or know how to operate a computer doesn't make it stupid!)

13. My car is a dutch oven right now. Its 300 degrees outside, I have a black leather interior and non-tinted windows. Mr. Hollis will soon bestow upon me the gift of tinted windows. Not because I'm ridin' dirty, but because I'm arrivin' a sweaty mess.

14. How dare you interrupt me with work while I'm trying blog!?

15. I have an incredible craving to be behind my camera. I don't mean taking pics of people which I will be doing this weekend. No, I need to get out and do some artsy fun pics. Its like therapy for me.

So those are just a few things taking up space in my already full head. You're welcome.

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