Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Fun Day Phone Pics-Edition 2

Welcome to today's edition of Sunday Fun Day Phone Pics. These are a few photos taken throughout the week on my cell phone that I thought were worthy of sharing.

Saturday at Maw Maw's 91st birthday party. Thank heavens the party was at a church and they have taken childrens' needs into consideration and placed stools in their restroom. How funny is this!? He even said "cheese" for the picture.

Playing in the sprinkler. Perhaps he needed to tee tee.

Cheesin' in the baby pool.

He's the definition of nosy neighbor. I caught him on the front porch staring down our neighbor who was trying to cut his grass--without an audience I'm sure. (Yes Hudson is not wearing pants. What's the point when you're potty training?)

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  1. Oh that first picture is going to come back and haunt him in 15 years...