Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can I use a lifeline?

I've officially entered my insane portion of the year. Hence the reason you haven't heard a peep out of me in a few weeks. I wish I had something new and exciting to report but I do not. I'm busy watching football, scheduling photo sessions, designing Christmas Cards, editing photo sessions, working two crazy jobs, trying to keep the household fed and alive, trying to have a life outside all that, getting Hudson to and from school with everything he needs, trying to be an A+ room-mom (yes I'm following closely in my mom's foot steps for all that know her and I volunteered to be the room mom this year) at his school, and wishing this were "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and I could use a lifeline! Despite the hectic schedule, we're alive and well and happy to have too much going on.

Since I last posted something, we've officially bid summer farewell.

We've done a little tailgating in Tuscaloosa.

We have made it a point to have some fun and most importantly enjoy Hudson.

Which obviously isn't hard to do...look at this guy!

A little superman never hurt anybody.

And prayers from somebody this sweet must be God's favorite!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My recent obsessions

Ya'll know I love fashion. Like fo real. I love it all and I wish I had lots more to spend on clothes, but don't we all? This is my time of year as far as fashion is concerned. This time every year I start combing the internet and magazines to see what everyone is wearing. You may remember this post last year. This year I have a few things I'm totally pumped about and can't wait until it drops below 80 degrees so that I can wear them. :) Such as...

My leather riding jacket

My jeggings

My boots

But there's one thing I just don't know if I can handle: OMG. OTK BOOTS!!!! Are you serious? Is there ever a good place in a normal person's world where these over-the-knee-boots are acceptable? I really love them and wish that I could wear them, but where!? I think I would feel overdressed, tacky, out of place, like cat woman and/or like a hooker. What are your thoughts? Are yall wearing OTK boots this year?

I'm also loving everything J.Crew this year. I broke up with J.Crew for awhile but Oh. My. Heavens. Their. Fall. Line!

Another little lovely completely unrelated to my closet is this little nugget. I want this table so bad I can taste it!!! (sans cat)

Why is it...

Why is it that at the first sign of fall I'm ready to...

bring out the red wine and cozy by a fire (in my imaginary fireplace because we have gas logs which I loathe. I guess someone thought that carbon dioxide poisoning would be better than having to clean up after a real fire)

make some chili in my crock pot (even though Lantis doesn't eat it)

carve a pumpkin

rake leaves into a big pile and jump into them

buy pretty sweaters and boots

make appointment TV

go camping

make smores (even though I don't particularly like smores or marshmellows)

start making my Christmas lists

and most importantly...shake my red and white pom pom and scream ROLL TIDE!!!!!!