Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Little Minnows and a BIG Lake!

Two weekends ago we took a little vacation to Lake Martin. We rented a house on the lake there with some friends and had a wonderful time. I've been so busy with everyone else's pictures that finally, nearly two weeks later, these pictures find their way onto my computer and my blog.

Hudson had a wonderful time and loved being the center of attention for 4 adults for an entire weekend. He loved the water. The house we stayed in had a beach-like waterfront so it was perfect for little people. He also fished for the first time and caught his first fish! :) Neither Lantis or I care a thing about fishing, but our friends Jason and Alesha are like Bill Dance compared to us. I think they've made it their personal goal to introduce Hudson to the world of angling. All I gotta say is that they better have a third fishing pole ready when he wants to do it! ;)

Everything about the weekend was fabulous: the location, the mini vaca, the water, the lake, the weather, the company, the food, you name it. We didn't want to leave!! We loved it and we plan to do it again next summer!

Lantis rolling up on our 'bu.

Me and the Hud

I love this picture: the cool morning light, Alesha serenading us, Hudson enjoying the affects of a restful night and a lazy weekend-still in PJ's, and Hudson just happens to be wearing his "I'm with the band" PJ's.

My handsome hubby.

Pretty scenery and waterfront. As if any of you care about the scenery! ;)

Me and Lulu in our polka dots...no it wasn't planned. Complete coincidence!

Hudson holding one of Jason's big catches.

Check out our waterfront and the view! Heavenly isn't it? If I didn't have to drive to B'ham every day I think I could live here.

Counting down...1, 2, 3, GO!

Nose pinched? Check.

...and head down!

Alesha, Hudson and the big catch.

Hudson and the little minnow. :)

So excited about his big catch!

Alesha helping Hudson reel in his prize.

"Whoa Mom!! Look at these fish!" The water was so clear we could see the fish swimming below our pier.

Here is the full set of photos from our big weekend on the big lake if you so desire...

Click here to view these pictures larger

Monday, August 23, 2010

Boogey in my nose

A little video of nothing in particular. Just us being us.

Hudson-thunder and lightning 2-8.17.10 from Erin Hollis on Vimeo.

Back in the grind

This week marks the beginning of Hudson's second year at school. Tuesday we will become backpack wearing, lunch box toting, nap mat users all over again. This time last year I was just starting my blog and Hudson was only 18 months old and was entering his first school year. You can see that post here. Every one tells you to enjoy it because the time will fly, but you can't imagine it until you blink and not only is the first school year over, but the second one is starting.

Hudson is stoked to get back to school. We went to meet the teacher and orientation last Friday and he seemed to love his teachers and class mates. He even has a few familiar faces in his class. I loved his teachers as well! I am going to miss the sweet ladies that he had last year and they have some big shoes to be filled, but I have no doubts that these ladies are going to do the job.

We were so glad last year that we decided to put him in school. We saw that boy grow leaps and bounds! I can't say enough about the positive changes and influences we saw come from it. I am excited to see what God has in store for my baby boy this school year. There is nothing that melts my heart more than hearing him come home from school with a new song, a new prayer, or new art work.

I have just enough OCD tendencies that I'm actually excited to get back into our routine and have some structure again. I feel like the last three months have been a free for all. So...tomorrow we're back in the grind!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stories of wild things

I've been so consumed with work that I haven't taken time to do one of my favorite things--read. I've been missing my books and stories that allow me to slip off into another place and time. I haven't stuffed my nose into a book (or my Kindle) all summer long; unless you consider reading about engines that can, dumptrucks with big loads, or Max being king of the wild things appropriate summer reading. ;)

I hope that I can work some reading time into my routine again soon. Books: oh how I've missed thee.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Man of the hour....or weekend

Today I have to make the official announcement that Lantis has earned The Husband of the Year Award. This crazy man must love me or something...he climbs walls to get a good shot for me.

Friday night he snuggled up with me to watch a movie.

Saturday he drove in the monsoon rain to be my second shooter at a wedding I was photographing. As if that weren't enough work for him that day; he then cooked dinner for me when we got home!

Sunday afternoon he hung out with Hudson while I was gone (again) taking pics. When I made it back home I was so exhausted I crashed on the couch. Two blissful hours later he and Hudson woke me up and informed me that I'd fallen asleep and stayed there for the better part of two hours. If I slept any longer I would either become a story book princess or never go back to sleep that night. Wait...how did I get two hours of sleep with a two year old running around? Because my sweet hubby (knowing that I must be pooped) took Hudson out so that I could get some peaceful zzz's.

I then jumped up knowing that there was housework to be done and dinner to get on the table. I pulled out the vacuum cleaner and was about to hop to it when prince charming totally took over the vacuuming for me so that I could get some other chores done.

After chores and dinner Sunday night: more movie time. Aahhh...love him. I dont know what I did to deserve someone who is so supportive and helpful but we wouldn't make it without the teamwork and effort that goes on under our roof. After thinking about it this weekend, I realized that we hardly ever do things on our own around the house. He helps me with dinner and house work. I help him pull weeds and mow the back yard (and he totally over looks the stripes I leave in the grass and compliments me on a job well done). There are very few jobs that are done alone. The ones that are done alone are usually ones that I'm physically unable to help with--like cleaning gutters--I figure at least one of us should stay grounded for the sake of our child. And plumbing issues--there's really no sense in both of us getting our hands dirty, is there? For serious though...we are a great team and jobs that we do together are jobs well done.

Lantis is my heart, my soul, my best friend and my team mate. Oh! and my baby daddy! ;)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hudson at 28 months

Beautiful blue eyed boy

The many expressions of Hudson

Talking...yak, yak, yak, Momma!

I love this guy!

I just want to eat him up!

He loves being outside. I'll be glad when it gets cooler so that we can spend more time out there.

Great example of the sweat above! Ha!

I haven't posted anything in awhile. We haven't had much to report. We've spent a lot of time at home lying naked over the air vents trying to stay cool. I'm kidding about the naked part...except for Hudson. That kid sweats more than anyone I've ever seen. He can walk up the steps and he looks like he just ran a marathon. I try to keep the least amount of clothing on his as possible to keep him cool. Ha! It has been incredibly hot here. I know I was born and raised here and I should be used to this, but I swear its like a different kind of hot this year. The kind of hot that just presses on you and makes you want to go curl up in a bed with cold sheets in a room with a ceiling fan. I have visions of being Scarlett O'hara laying in my room at The Tara with Mammy fanning me while I rest. Its that kind of hot! Aaannnddd...now I want to go watch Gone With the Wind. Thank you, my restless mind.

Speaking of my sweaty little devil; what's he up to you ask? Oh everything! He's just a little adult. He does everything we do and more. Its like having a mini roommate.

He can put on his Crocs by himself. Not always on the correct feet, but still...

His vocabulary is as great as mine. (Probably not the best compliment)

He literally talks non-stop when we're at home.

We have little adult-like conversations with him. Its no longer just talking to express a need or to repeat what we're saying, its full on conversation. You can ask questions and get extremely long answers. You can ask what he did at school, or his grandmother's house and its no longer the same routine answers about playing--he actually tells you what he did that day. His memory is a steel trap and he will even tell you about things that happened a long time ago.

He literally runs non-stop. Runs. Do you hear me? Never walks.

He is still doing great with the potty minus some number 2-potty-using issues, which I'm pretty sure all boil down to him being too impatient to sit there more than 3.5 seconds. I think he's just way too busy to sit down and wait. for. it. He is on the go and he's a man about convenience right now. The potty for number 2 is an inconvenience! So when the big 2 is coming we go for a pull up, try to force him to sit on the potty, or we have an accident in the big boy undies. Very frustrating for me, but I'm not giving up.

He makes me laugh. Constantly.

He is VERY independent. He can do everything himself except the things he's not yet tall enough to reach.

He is a clean fanatic. He puts up his toys without being asked. When he's finished playing with something, he puts it up. When he's finished with a cup or plate he goes and drops it in the sink with no prompting from us. Its crazy! What kid does that!? He loves to help vacuum, sweep, dust, wash dishes, you name it.

He helps me cook. I let him do the stirring or egg breaking. If there's nothing he can help with we give him dried peas, rice or noodles and he "cooks" his own meal.

He has recently started admitting to being wrong when he's done something bad and either put himself in time out or say he's sorry. Proof that this little guy is growing up.

He is a loving, energetic, happy, well behaved little boy that I never want to imagine my life without.