Monday, August 16, 2010

Man of the hour....or weekend

Today I have to make the official announcement that Lantis has earned The Husband of the Year Award. This crazy man must love me or something...he climbs walls to get a good shot for me.

Friday night he snuggled up with me to watch a movie.

Saturday he drove in the monsoon rain to be my second shooter at a wedding I was photographing. As if that weren't enough work for him that day; he then cooked dinner for me when we got home!

Sunday afternoon he hung out with Hudson while I was gone (again) taking pics. When I made it back home I was so exhausted I crashed on the couch. Two blissful hours later he and Hudson woke me up and informed me that I'd fallen asleep and stayed there for the better part of two hours. If I slept any longer I would either become a story book princess or never go back to sleep that night. did I get two hours of sleep with a two year old running around? Because my sweet hubby (knowing that I must be pooped) took Hudson out so that I could get some peaceful zzz's.

I then jumped up knowing that there was housework to be done and dinner to get on the table. I pulled out the vacuum cleaner and was about to hop to it when prince charming totally took over the vacuuming for me so that I could get some other chores done.

After chores and dinner Sunday night: more movie time. him. I dont know what I did to deserve someone who is so supportive and helpful but we wouldn't make it without the teamwork and effort that goes on under our roof. After thinking about it this weekend, I realized that we hardly ever do things on our own around the house. He helps me with dinner and house work. I help him pull weeds and mow the back yard (and he totally over looks the stripes I leave in the grass and compliments me on a job well done). There are very few jobs that are done alone. The ones that are done alone are usually ones that I'm physically unable to help with--like cleaning gutters--I figure at least one of us should stay grounded for the sake of our child. And plumbing issues--there's really no sense in both of us getting our hands dirty, is there? For serious though...we are a great team and jobs that we do together are jobs well done.

Lantis is my heart, my soul, my best friend and my team mate. Oh! and my baby daddy! ;)

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