Friday, June 18, 2010

Kitchen Craze

I have a love for cookware, dishes and kitchen gadgets. Do I cook things that require incredible cookware? Am I a gormet chef? Not even close. I'd love to be, but I have too many other passions to pursue cooking as well.

Before we got married my parents gave me an awesome set of dishes that are fun and funky and I still adore. When we got married I registered for a very nice set of solid white china. After we got married Pottery Barn had this irresistible set of metal outdoor dishes--they are all different bright colors. We cookout a lot in the summer and eat outside when the temperature isn't set on HELL outside so I had to have outdoor dishes right? Then came the third set of dishes. Yes folks, we have three sets of dishes. All very different, but the fact remains...we have three sets of dishes and we usually eat off of paper plates, or plastic plates from Wal-Mart's summer collection. Not kidding. The plastic Wal-Mart dishes are Lantis' fave. They were his prior to our wedding and he won't let me part with them.

In addition to the dishes and china, we have four sets of flatware. I inherited my grandmother's silver, Lantis had a set of flatware before we married, I had a set of flatware before we married, and I sold Southern Living for awhile and I won the entire Gallery Flatware collection one month.

Through Southern Living I also acquired many random serving pieces to add to the random collection I had from our wedding and pre wedding collections.

You would think with all this I would never look in the direction of kitchen related stuff, but that's not the case. I have a girlfriend getting married in a couple of months and as I'm going through her registry I find myself secretly making a kitchen wish list for myself of spatulas, spoons, cute new flatware, new dishes, gadgets, and cookware. What's wrong with me!?

Despite our abundant collection of serving pieces, flatware, and dishes we have a very poor collection of cookware and glasses. Cookware wasn't gifted to us at our wedding, so we purchased some inexpensive cookware at the time. Now, over 4 years later, the inexpensive cookeware has reached its life span. Teflon coatings are scratched, handles are loose and they all need to go. I need the gift fairy to bestow upon me some really nice cookware. While we were at the beach I went in the Le Creuset outlet and drooled on their $250 pots. OMG! I am in love. I want this cookware and I want some in every color.

I am on a mission to save money for new cookware. Probably won't be the wonderful Le Creuset cook ware since it costs a gagillion dollars, but I do plan on getting something nice that will stand the test of time. I've bought the cheap stuff once and I wont do it again. You get what you pay for!! If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears.

When I've completed my cookware collection I'm on a mission for new stemware and glasses. Occassionally I'm all about a plastic stadium cup, but the incredible collection we have needs to go. We aren't college kids...but a stranger serching through our kitchen would certainly think so!

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