Sunday, June 27, 2010

Milk and Mischief

Remember the weekend of nothingness I hoped for? Well...that weekend of nothingness went well but not exactly as planned. There's just no such thing with a two year old. I didn't watch any movies and I didn't catch up on any TV, but I got in lots of family time and Hud love so that's even better!

Saturday included a photo shoot, a birthday party for Maw Maw and a three hour nap for me and Hudson. Then we grilled filets and Hudson caught lightning bugs. Sunday included lots of yard work, me cutting the back yard with the push mower (You're welcome, neighbors, for the entertainment I provided), and gutter cleaning. Our backyard looks like a zebra, but at least the job is done and Lantis had some help. Yard work was followed by some baby pool time for Hudson and popsicles for everyone.

Hudson did and said some hilarious things this weekend. Such as:

me: Hudson do you like your ice cream?
Hudson: uh-huh, I do Mommy. My ice cream is so good! I eat it up!

me: Hudson do you need to go poo poo?
Hudson: (straining) yes
me: Would you like to go sit on the potty and do it?
Hudson: No. Put my diaper on Mommy.

me: Hudson we have to get dressed to go. We are going to Maw Maw's birthday party today.
Hudson: I can eat cake?
me: yes
Hudson: ok. Where my doos (shoes) go? (then starts singing while trying to put his own shoes on) Haappy birrday to yoooo.

All three of us were sitting at the dinner table tonight and Hudson stopped eating and grabbed my hand with one of his and Lantis' hand with his other and then started singing, "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family..." Lantis and I both melted. I love that guy! No, we do not watch Barney at our house, but he watches it at my mom's. The big purple creature isn't allowed in the Hollis house. Barney would make me want to poke my eyes out with a dull object.

My favorite quote of the weekend:
Lantis: Where is Hudson, he's way too quiet.
me: He's in the living room drinking some milk.
Lantis: Yeah, he's only that quiet for two reasons, milk and mischief.

Hudson, Lantis and Maw Maw. She let Hudson have the first taste of her birthday cake. They have the cutest relationship. He loves his Maw Maw! Judging by this picture I know why! He also led the group in "Happy Birthday to Maw Maw"

Maw Maw and her boys.

Lantis' Maw Maw is an amazing woman who has left her mark on this earth. She has six children, 12 grand children, 21-1/2 great grand children (#22 is on the way), and 1 great-great grandson. What a remarkable legacy she has left. Happy 91st Maw Maw! I hope I'm as sharp as you at 91. We love you!

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