Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainy Holiday Weekend

Its Memorial Day weekend. That's a contradiction isn't it? Memorial Day Weekend. Hmm...let me start over...Memorial Day is today which means we had a three day weekend. In Erin-terms: its Memorial Day weekend! Memorial Day: the day to remember all those brave soldiers who have died so that we can have the fun and freedom that we have-so that I can live the wonderful life that I have. I too often forget that there are incredible mothers, fathers, daughters and sons in our incredible military that are out there fighting in unbelievable conditions so that I can live my little life with some sort of normalcy. Anything military related gives me chills to the bone. They are a people that I can't even comprehend. I could never be so selfless to give up my life for a stranger in our selfish US of A. Nor can I imagine being a parent or loved one of one of those. I thank our military and their families!

I'm sure you're itching to know how we spent our weekend, right?

Friday night I kicked off the weekend by having a little night out with a girlfriend for drinks, dinner and a movie. We had some yummy Pablo's, margaritas and saw Sex and the City 2. I will say that the movie was better than I expected. I never have high hopes for a sequel but it was funny. It was not as good as the first but worth seeing if you were a big SATC fan. I miss the show (which I've tried to make up for with Gossip Girl) so it was good to see all the girls back together again.

Saturday we did nothing worth mentioning. Spent some time at home getting chores done and letting Hudson boss us around. :) Here are a few pics of us playing around the house...

Hudson loves matchbox cars and trucks. He found my old-and-in-great-need-of-repair-flower-box a great place to drive trucks and fill them up with dirt.

Vrrooom Vroom!

Me playing with my toy.

He made an even bigger mess of this shabby little flower box.


Hudson giving out yet another thumbs what I'm not sure.

Hudson wanted Bear-Bear to be in the picture.

Hudson and Daddy

Sunday we had a lake trip planned with friends but the weather was not cooperative. Sudnay morning Hudson's grandmother was itching for some Hud-time and we had nothing else to do, so to the lake we went. We spent most of the day running from rain and chasing sunshine, but it was still a good time. Late afternoon the rain subsided and we saw a beautiful sunset. Totally worth it! And I would like to say thanks to the people with a brand new empty boat house. I don't know why you aren't using your lake house on a holiday weekend, but I'm glad you weren't so that we could during a quick storm.

Monday (today) we were invited over to my friend Rachel's house for a little back yard BBQ. We are rarely able to make our calendars coincide, so when she extended the invite and we were free there was no question where we would spend the evening. Rachel and her hubby Mark made a fabulous meal. It was so good to see them, their home, meet their sweet family and friends, and let the boys play. Hudson is so shy when we're around a lot of people and kids--especially at a house he isn't familiar with--which totally baffles me. He certainly didn't inherit that trait from me! ;) Thanks Olis fam!

Me, Rachel and our babies

Rachel and me

Wyatt blowing bubbles for us.

Partners in crime.

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  1. We had a BLAST!! Thanks for joining us- it was great to get the boys together :)