Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blue Angels May 2010

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On Mother's Day we went to see the Blue Angels show in Tuscaloosa. This is the second BA show I've seen. Both have been phenomenal and give me chills. They are absolutely amazing pilots. I think its one of those things that every American should see and be proud of. I think they are planning to do this show in Tuscaloosa annually so if you've never been you should plan to attend next year. Especially if you have a little boy. Hudson loved it too! This was his second show also, but the first he doesn't remember. We went to a practice show in Pensacola while on a beach trip when he was 10 weeks old. Glad I have photos to look back keep me motivated to eat right and work out because I'm a little post-baby chub in this pic, and to help me remember the fun we are having with this baby boy.

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