Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fried Eggs

After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays Hudson and I usually have lots to do--doctor appointments, grocery shopping, and house work. Yesterday we had no appointments or errands to run which meant it was clean the house and do laundry day. Before school I had started the washer and dryer. When we get home I expect to take the load out of the dryer fold them, and keep the cycle going except that the clothes weren't dry. The clothes were still slightly moist and sour smelling. My first thought is "Great! Now I have to buy a new dryer. Perfect timing." I checked the lint trap--it was clean, I checked the hose--no kinks, I checked and its steaming hot--heating element still kickin'. Hmmm...I think maybe there's something clogging the hose. I thought about unhooking it and vacuuming it out, but realized that would require lots of work. Our laundry room isn't huge so I didn't know how to move things around to get behind the dryer most importantly. Then, if I made some mistake in removing the hose I'd be in trouble with the hubby so I decided to wait until he came home. I was ticked because I could have had the laudry finshed by now, but this thing is holding me up. He immediately goes to work on the dryer when he gets home. He starts vacuuming out the hose and says OH MY GOSH COME IN HERE. I peer into the hose and see that a little bird family has made their home in our dryer hose. They climbed a long way through the vent and wall and into the hose to make sure that their baby bird was going to be in a nice warm environment. What mommy bird didn't realize is that as much as I dry clothes she was going to have a fried little egg.

We removed the nest as carefully as we could and put it in a shoebox outside near the dryer vent where hopefully mommy bird will find it. I kind of hope we get to see it hatch so that Hudson can see it!

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