Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Record set...

...for longest amount of time lapsed in between posts. Now there's a feather in my cap!

I have made it a point over the last couple of weeks to put work and my laptop away at night. In the evenings we've been playing in the yard until we've squeezed the last bit of light out of the sky. Then we'll head in for dinner, baths, and bedtime. After Hudson goes to bed, Lantis and I hang out or watch a movie--unless its Monday and then I have an appointment with Gossip Girl. I haven't had lots to report, but I figured it was time to catch up.

I always wanted to watch the Tudors on Showtime. I didn't hear about it until the second season. Then I would forget it was on. Now we dont have Showtime anymore and they're on the 4th season and King Henry's 6th wife. We decreased our cable package last year: a) to save money on all the things we weren't watching and b) to not be couch potatoes (you see how well that's worked). I signed up for Netflix (because I'm not a couch potato) awhile back and I must report that I love it! We still have On Demand and some movie channels, but that is no excuse not to have Netflix. Anywhoo I've rented the seasons of The Tudors from Netflix and I've been catching up. I love history and its a great show. Pretty historically correct also. If you're into that stuff, check it out. The Tudors on Showtime.

Some fun time in the yard.

Hudson is in a BIG "helping" phase. You can entertain him by letting him "help" you with whatever you're doing. Sorting laundry--Hudson helps by putting darks in the white basket. Cutting grass--Hudson helps by walking beside Daddy. Dusting the house--Hudson helps by walking around and knocking things around with the swiffer. Loading the dishwasher--Hudson helps by suddenly feeling the need for a cup of water or milk. Its great though. I can tell he's learning and soaking up everything we're doing because I see him mocking us. Love it!

Manning the grill and stove at my Mom and Dad's house--Master and Mrs Hollis.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday and Mother's Day a week early because my dad was going out of town. We grilled fish and chicken and made some of his favorites to go along with it. Then we had some homemade vanilla ice cream. Its normally yummo but my sis used real vanilla none too sparingly and it was alcoholic ice cream. For real. I got a buzz off of one bite. We got a kick out of it though.

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  1. Are you not dying since we can't update our blogs at work anymore??? Seriously- it sucks!!!