Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Whole Lotta Cute

Why yes, I am referring to my son. He's a whole lotta cute wrapped in a sweaty, handsome, curious, sweet little boy. Of course, he's a typical two year old in that he pitches his fair share of fits--I mean in the floor kicking fits. He pushes the limits constantly and loves to find the edge of my nerves. He is very curious and questions everything. He yearns for my undivided attention and love and there are times when life makes it hard for me to grant that wish. He is loud, he loves music, he loves to play drums and guitar, he loves to dance and sing, he loves bugs and dirt, he loves trucks and cars, he loves our dog, Buddy, he is 110% boy and I would have it no other way. For all the times he pushes me to my limit, there are so many other times that make it all worth the trouble. I live for the moments when I get sweaty/snotty kisses from him, when he crawls in my lap and asks me to read and when he says "I luu lou Mommy" without me asking. He makes my heart melt. He makes me laugh all the time by doing absolutely nothing in particular. I can just watch him play in his own little world and it makes me smile and giggle.

I don't know who said two is terrible because they had it all wrong. Yes, there are days when I want to pull my hair out, but he's worth it all.

I was flipping through my phone pics today and decided they deserved to be posted. Here are a few photos that I've caught on the go that capture Hudson at some of my favorite times.

Helping Daddy in the yard.

He gives riding the lawn mower a big thumbs up. He just recently established the thumbs up and he gives it freely.

He likes helping mommy drive. :) Call me Britney Spears! Ha! I swear I only allow this in our neighborhood!

His surfer dude hello. Lantis taught him this since we surf behind our boat.

Laughs! I love 'em. Lots of 'em.

Golf. This kid loves golf and usually carries around a club when we're out in the yard. Whenever we visit Golfsmith (often) for Lantis to stock up on the latest and greatest stuff, Hudson entertains the whole store with his mad putting skills.

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