Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kickin' off the boating season of 2010

Last weekend we took Hudson out for a boat ride. He has not been out on the boat since the end of last summer. He liked the boat last summer. I assumed he would love it this year, but you never know. My assumption was correct. Kiddo loved it! He rode like a big boy and said "faster Daddy!". The second we stopped to splash around he was ready to jump in. Literally. He jumped in! I was so excited! Those of you who know Lantis and I well know that we are water bugs. If its above 75 degrees, we're itching to be on the boat. We took Hudson out for his first boat ride when he was only a couple weeks old, so I guess he was destined to love it too.

Thumbs up to boating.

Ready to go for a swim.

Boating can be extremely tiring. Of course Bear-Bear went out with us!

There's so much cuteness in this pic I can't stand it!!!

My boys enjoying the water.

I hope you are all able to enjoy some sort of body of water with your families this year. I think its good for the soul. Cheers to kicking off the summer of 2010! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all!

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