Monday, December 14, 2009


Yes, I am in fact still alive. Can you say busy and preoccupied!? I can't because I don't have time. Ha! I have so much and nothing to report. We've had lots and lots going on in the Hollis house the last few weeks. I've been in denial about the arrival of the Christmas season. I typically have my Christmas decorations up after Halloween and my shopping completed by Thanksgiving. This year Thanksgiving came and went and I haven't put up my tree or even made a Christmas list much less started checking it off. I just dont feel the holly jolly spirit this year and frankly the season snuck up on me somehow.

I really debated putting up no decorations this year which is completely out of character for me. Those of you who have seen my house at Christmas know that I have garland draped over everything that stands still, at least two trees, and a nutcracker collection that would make the Smithsonian jealous. I decided last week that I would be the most horrible mom in the world if I didn't at least put up a tree for my son. I put up our smallest Christmas tree, a wreath on the front porch and hung the stockings on the mantel. After the tree was up for several days I realized that the holidays are inevitable whether I'm ready or not so I'd better start buying some gifts. After a couple of trips to the mall and a several online purchases I'm now finished with my Christmas shopping. I feel extremely relieved and now I just have to sit back and wait for the celebrations to begin.

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  1. Way To GO! In about a week's time you are ahead of me :) I still have several last-minute gifts to buy. I think I am just waiting on pay day tomorrow- haha.