Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I have been in a TV and movie-watching mood lately. I haven't had any good books to read so late in the evening when I'm winding down I've been finding something to watch On Demand. I love being able to rent movies from the comfort of my sofa while wearing pj's. :) Technology is wonderful.

Four Christmases: Hilarious. I love Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn in the majority of their movies. It gets four stars.

The Ugly Truth: OMG Beyond Funny!!!! I laughed uncontrollably through most of the movie. It earns two thumbs up for sure.

Angels and Demons: Good movie, but not as good as Divinci Code. I'll give it three stars. It is worth seeing.

Last night I watched the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Goodness, that movie never fails to brighten my mood. Too funny! It needs no rating because surely you've all seen it.

I also recently caught up on the entire first season of Gossip Girl. That show has taken the place of Grey's Anatomy and Sex and the City in my heart. If you haven't seen it--it reminds me a lot of Sex and the City. They live in Manhattan and obsess over designer clothes and swap boyfriends. Its a lot of drama and it totally cracks me up the way these characters live on this show. I've just gotten into it this season so now I'm catching up on the past seasons. Love it. Watch it, friends!

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