Monday, December 21, 2009

Is that DHR calling?

We had a fun family filled weekend. Hope everyone else did too. I managed to get some things accomplished around the house that I've been putting off for way too long--like scrubbing toilets and dusting. Hudson was a huge little helper. I gave him a dust rag and a swiffer duster and he went to town. He dusted everything within his reach. He would walk over every 5 minutes and have me spray a little Pledge on his rag. It was way too cute. I'm just wondering at what point DHR is going to show up at my house for violating child labor laws. I've had him vacuuming the floors for awhile now. He loves the dust buster. He vacuums underneath his chair after every meal and when he's done there, he'll carry it around the house vacuuming everything until it runs out of power.

Just before dinner he took a little tumble off the bottom step and since then he will not put any pressure or weight on his right foot. He scoots and crawls around the house and he cries anytime he stands up. We're making a visit to the doc this afternoon to have it checked on and get x-rays. Say a little prayer for us that we will not be spending Christmas in a cast and DHR will not carry me away to the big house.

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  1. oh no!!! Poor little Hudson! Please keep me posted on how he is doing- I wish my little one was as clean as your little guy :)