Monday, December 14, 2009

Hudson update

While I have some free time, here is a little Hudson update:

I couldn't ever find time to take him to a studio and get a good photo with Santa so a couple of weeks ago while we were out running errands we stopped by the Bass Pro Shop which is practically in our back yard and took him to see Santa. I just wanted a cheesy Santa picture to look back on and laugh at in a few years and I certainly got one! Maybe next year I will get in the Christmas spirit earlier and will hire a good Santa.

One afternoon he was being silly and playing in the driveway and I thought, "hmm...I might have the cutest little boy ever." hehe! I do love this handsome little guy. Hudson+converse and button down shirts=melt my heart!!!

He's really gotten into wearing hats. He loves wearing them and will keep them on for extended periods of time. This hat is his favorite. He's such a charmer.

He and I went on a picture taking adventure a few weekends ago on a pretty Saturday and I got a few sweet pictures of him.

Hudson and Bear Bear

He will be 21 months old this week. He survived his first and only ear infection over Thanksgiving holiday.
He loves going to school. He sings his own sweet little version of the abc's, "a, c, eee, iiiiii, zzzzz!"
He has a bear that Lantis made for him at the Build a Bear in Boston when I was pregnant. Hudson named him Bear-Bear. He has lately been carrying Bear Bear around everywhere.
He LOVES our dog Buddy, but he says "Duddy". He shouts orders at the poor dog constantly and the dog is so patient. "NO Duddy, sit Duddy, eat Duddy". Hudson loves being in charge of something. He never lets the dog out of his sight and if the dog tries to escape for one peaceful minute, Hudson runs around the house saying "Duddy!? Where Duddy go?" He feeds Duddy every night at 5:30 like clockwork even without us telling him to do it. You could set your clock by that kid's routine.
He loves to dance, play the drums, and sing in the car to the radio or whatever I'm jamming to on my iPod. He loves Lady Antebellum and anything sounding remotely like rap or hip hop. When a song comes on that he can dance to he puts his hands on his head and starts bouncing that little booty.
He talks constantly. Really. He never stops, but it is the sweetest background noise I've ever heard. He says the funniest things!!
He loves the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the hot dog song that they sing. He calls it the hot dog mouse. He doesn't understand why Hot Dog Mouse isn't on TV all the time. He also gets into the Imagination Movers these days. Hopefully Santa will bring a few of those DVD's. ;)
When we're in public he never fails to wave and say hello to girls. Particularly blondes. I caught Lantis the other day trying to teach him to say, "Hello ladies!" Geeze.
He loves the Christmas tree and is stressed if the lights aren't on. They MUST be on at all times! Ha!
He does something new everyday as those of you with kids know. They change daily and grow up way too fast. Needless to say, we have a blast with him.

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  1. He is PRECIOUS!! What a sweet little man! Do you know what is SO funny? Everytime I hear a Lady Antebellum song, I always think about you-I have no idea why, but the lead singer (the female of course) reminds me so much of you- I didn't know you liked them-I just had to share that :)