Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Injury Update

We took Hudson to the doctor yesterday to have his foot checked. After his tumble from the steps he wouldn't walk or put any weight on his right foot. He would crawl and scoot around the house to get where he needed to go. Otherwise he just wanted to be held. Hudson is a VERY busy little guy and is not a "hold me" kind of kid. If he's spending time in your lap or in your arms, there's a problem. He's got too much to do--no time for loving. Anyway, they did some x-rays and determined that there were no broken bones or fracutres so he must have bruised it badly. Last night he started standing on it and putting a little weight on it. This morning he was walking on it with a limp. It looks like we will be back in action in time for Santa! Yay!

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