Friday, November 13, 2009

I had a super fun interior design event this past Wednesday night. It was held at Workplay and the band was phenomenal!! They were a Beatles tribute band. I'm a Beatles fan so I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even those who weren't Beatles fans said they loved the music and were surprised by how many tunes they knew but had no idea the Beatles sang. They started out with a rocking performance of "Come Together". When the bass started booming through the theater and the lead singer started "shoop"-ing into the mic I knew a great night was ahead. We had a blast! We were all thankful for the vendors who threw this fun bash.

Christi (my co-worker), Denise (my boss), and me

The band

Some former co-workers of mine--Jennifer, Alesha, me and Lori

One of my best friends--Alesha--and me

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