Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nothing is off limits

Don't lie to me and tell me that your pantry is incredibly organized and junk food free just like mine. Ha! This picture cracks me up so much that I am putting pride aside and allowing you to see my disaster closet so that I can show you what my hilarious little boy did two nights ago. We were sitting at the table having dinner (read: picky Hudson not eating) when he climbs down from his chair and opens the pantry to go for some cookies. Of course following this photo opp was a tantrum because mommy doesn't allow little boys to eat cookies when they haven't touched their dinner.

There is not one thing or place in our house that is off limits to Hudson now. All of the doors have lever handles which is super easy for a toddler to reach up and yank on. Apparently Mac-n-cheese boxes and similar items make for great climbing tools. There is no more child-proofing. All I can do at this point is make sure sharp objects and writing utensils are locked away somewhere and say help yourself Hudson. We have three levels in our house and he's totally mastered the steps so he can go anywhere he wants to go. If my eyes aren't glued to him I loose him at times because he's gone to visit Daddy downstairs in his office, or up to his room to play by himself. God forbid he be quiet because that means havoc is taking place somewhere.

Oh its so fun though--watching him discover the world and be independent. When he's not saying "No Mommy", not eating what I want him to, or throwing a tantrum about something, life with Hudson is a blast. He's actually using his manners now which is so sweet and makes me giggle. This morning I caught him covering his mouth when he coughed and I didn't even have to mention it. He always says "thank you" when you give him something. If the answer to a question isn't "no" its "ok Mommy" which sounds more like "ooogaaayyy". Too cute!! Now we are working on "yes ma'am/sir, and no ma'am/sir".

Can life be any better than this? I have loved every stage of his little life so far. I keep thinking it can't get better, or more fun and then it does. He amazes me every second that I'm with him. What unbelievable little creatures these toddlers are!!

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  1. Ha! That is hilarious, I love it :) And yes, my pantry is completely organized and we have no junk food- just kidding.