Thursday, January 14, 2010

The things they say!

Hudson has recently been saying "come here" which is accompanied by a little wave of his hand. It always cracks me up to hear him asking someone that. It sounds more like "ah-meare". So cute!! This morning I woke up to him talking over the monitor, calling for "Mommy" and "Daddy". Then he starts saying "ah-meare Mommy, ah-meare Daddy. Huddy up nite-nite. Huddy want milk!" It was the funniest wake up call and the best way to start my day!

Then we go through our morning routine and we're getting ready to leave to take him to his school. We passed through Lantis' office on our way out to tell him goodbye. Lantis' office was a small disaster zone--the typical man cave in the throws of a work day. When we walked in Hudson said, "oh Daddy made a mess!" Haha! Lantis and I both died laughing.

Hearing him learn to talk and putting sentences together is so stinkin' cute!! I know you other moms out there will agree.

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