Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday so we had a "celebrate Erin weekend". Naturally, I hated that! I don't like attention or affection...nope not one bit. ;)

We kicked the weekend off by taking Hudson to the Monster Jam. For a couple weeks prior to the show, we've seen it advertised on TV and Hudson would go crazy when he saw the commercials. After seeing him get so excited about something, I decided to put pride aside and take my precious man to see the "big trucks". I'm so glad that we took him. He sat mesmerized by the show. He would clap at all the appropriate times, he would squeal and laugh. He loved it because he could be as loud as his heart desired. He kept his head phones and ear plugs in without putting up a fight. I was concerned about protecting his ears and the show being way past his bed time, but he was so sweet and I would do it again tomorrow. Now...did we stand out in the crowd? A husband in a polo shirt, me in cute boots, and neither of us with a dip in our mouth...I'll let you do the math.

A big truck jumping. Hudson loved their tricks.

Oh! It's loud!

Hudson sitting in Poppy's lap watching the big trucks.

Putting on a show.

He was mesmerized.

Our little family at Bebe and Poppy's house pre-Monster Jam.

Saturday I got out of the house for awhile and pampered myself. I had a manicure, had my make up done and my hair did. Hehe! That night Lantis threw a surprise birthday party for me at our house. I knew something was happening because he wasn't rushing me home Saturday afternoon, he'd gotten some of my girlfriends' contact info from me, told me that we needed a sitter Saturday night, and was being secretive about the plans. He had our friend Jason bring all of his audio equipment and they successfully transformed our eating area between the kitchen and living room into a karaoke stage. If you know me, you know I love to sing and I love to pretend I'm Mariah or Whitney for a few minutes. Put a hot mic in my hand any day. I'm not shy. So we had a karaoke party Hollis style. IT. WAS. SO. FUN. We had a house full of people-literally we were busting at the seams--and we had an absolute blast. I felt very loved! I loved every second with my sweet friends. I'm usually the event planner, so to not be the catalyst for such an occassion was nice and everyone pitched in. My girlfriends all went over board and helped Lantis by supplying food, snacks, drinks, and girly gifts. I'm so blessed with friends and family--they never cease to amaze me.

Me and my beautiful friends...minus a few that couldn't make it. (yes I did have a jacket, but I was hot)

Our eating area being set up for some serious karaoke.

Picture of a picture.

Lantis layin' down some rhymes. Ha!

Ryan sharing the mic with the crowd.

A little soul train broke out. This pic cracks me up!

Christa and Kathy duo

On Sunday we had family time--after I mopped the floors 15 times. We played hard with Hudson all day. We watched a couple of movies. Lantis and Hudson cooked dinner and a cake. They sang happy birthday to me which I have on video and hope to post soon. Hearing your sweet baby sing "happy day to mommy" has to be the sweetest thing ever!! I will share the video soon. :)

"Stop taking pics of me mommy! I want cake!"

Trying to wait patiently for me to cut the cake.

He couldn't stand it any longer and tried to sneak a little taste. Haha!

As you can probably tell it was a great birthday weekend! It will take a lot to top this one.

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