Monday, January 11, 2010

What's Hudson up to?

My sweet baby boy makes me laugh and smile so everyday! I needed to share some of the many cute things he does and says.

He talks very well and repeats anything and everything that we say--literally. He's a mocking bird.

Big truck crashed, or it broke
one more bite please
______'s house (fill in the blank with grandparents' names)--he recognizes the grandparents' houses and our house as soon as we're within a few miles.
Bear bear (who goes everywhere with us)
Buddy eat (when its time to feed the dog)
Buddy sit, Buddy lay down, Buddy stay--he orders the dog around constantly.
He refers to himself in the third person--Huddy eat, Huddy night-night, Huddy up (when he wants to be held), Huddy milk, etc
Thank you, Mommy or Daddy
Please, Mommy or Daddy
I love you Mommy or Daddy
Huddy hug--when he wants to hug you
He knows everyone's name in our immediate families and a few of our close friends and neighbors.
tick tock (for any clock or watch he sees)
Huddy watch Movers (his favorite TV show--The Imagination Movers) or Hot dog mouse (this is the name he came up with for Mickey Mouse. He saw the mouse and then put it with the hot dog song they sing at the end of the show and Mickey was officially named Hot Dog Mouse)
Huddy go bath n bubbles
Huddy want milk or water (but sounds like wawoo)
Huddy bite chick-chick (for chicken nuggets) or cheese, or candy, or cookie, or cracker.
we're here--this cracked me up the first time I put the car in park and he yelled "we're here" from the back seat! Ha!
where'd ____ go? (fill in person's name)
bye bye ______ (fill in person's name)

He can name almost every animal you show him a picture of and tell you what sound they make.

He can name most items around the house--table, chair, vacuum cleaner, toys, plate, cup, bed, potty, book etc.

He's getting better with his ABC's. I hope to post a video of him singing his ABC's sometime this week--as soon as I get caught up on some other things and upload the video to my laptop. It goes something like: a, c, e, d, i, o, p--and he'll repeat letters over and over throughout the song--but he's naming more letters than the original a,c, e that he did a couple of months ago. Haha!!

He's doing well with his colors. He can pretty consistently name red, green, yellow, blue and orange. He gets blue and green mixed up sometimes, but I'm still proud! :)

He is a very picky eater. Grrr! He would live off of chicken nuggets and pretty much does. I never stop offering fruits and veggies, but he's not interested. He won't even think about touching the little Gerber meals or the soup/ravioli meals in the cans. He pushes away his plate if he sees something that looks like its been mixed up or may be healthy. He loves junk food so I have to keep everything hidden and out of reach until he's eaten something decent. I tried the "this-is-dinner-and-if you-dont-eat-you-go-to-bed-hungry" approach and he went to bed hungry several nights because there was no way he was going to touch the corn and greens on his plate. It appeared his will power was stronger than mine. The weird thing is that he ate fruits and veggies when he was an infant, but stopped when we got to solid foods! We try to eat as a family as many nights as we can. Sometimes that just doesn't happen due to work schedules and obligations, but we make a genuine effort. We make him sit in his seat and try to eat what we are having for dinner. Sometimes he'll eat what we're having, and other times he'll take a look at it, nibble on a few things, and then he's ready to get down from the table. If any of you mommies have advice for a picky eater, I'm all ears!!!

He can name all his body parts. We recently graduated from the simple eye and nose to elbow, knee, and hiney. He'll say hiney and point to it from between his legs and it is absolutely hysterical.

He is consistently telling me when he's wet or soiled his diaper and asks me to change him so I have introduced the potty. We bought a training potty and an "Elmo goes to the potty" book, and the "Potty Training for Dummies" book. He has yet to use the potty and I guess its still a little early for that. I figured if he can tell me that he needs to be changed, then its time to start talking potty and big boy undies. He sits on the potty every night before bath time and before bed but no success. No, I have not put fruit loops in the toilet. I figured getting him to use it was the first step then we'll work on the precision and ruining a perfectly good box of cereal at a later date. He doesn't tell me when he has to go yet, so I assume that's the next step. I'm checking with my owner's manual on how to handle all this stuff...wish me luck. Tips welcome!

Hudson LOVES music--playing it, singing it and dancing to it. He plays my FIL's drumset forever every time he's at their house. He loves the drums and will ask to go to their house periodically "Huddy go Poppy house drum-drum?" He's really not bad on the drums either. He can keep a beat and he tears up the whole set, not just the ones in front of him. I know nothing about drums, but my FIL who has played for 35 years thinks he's amazing. He also plays Poppy's guitar. He likes the guitar, but he doesn't seem as interested in it as he does the drums. Our friend, Jason, who is an amazing musician gave Hudson a harmonica one night at one of his shows. We went to see Jason play and let Hudson enjoy the music. While Jason was on stage he found a bad note in the harmonica he was playing so he handed to Hudson. We are now the pround owners of a Herring harmonica and a very loud little boy. Honestly he can play more single notes on the harmonica than I can. He walks around the house playing a tune all the time.

So there's an update of our sweet little man and what he's doing these days. Of course, this barely even scratches the surface of his little mind and capabilities. He amazes me constantly and I fall more in love every second that I'm with him.

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  1. Wow! I have so much to look forward to. Much like Hudson, Wyatt is using lots and lots of phrases, knows his body parts and we are working on colors and animals. He also will tell me when he poo poos (sometimes). I will ask him where poo poo comes from- and he pats his hiney. It cracks me up!!