Monday, January 25, 2010

Photo Time!

My beautiful baby

A sweet passerby offered to take our photo.

He was excited about the ducks AKA: quack, quacks

One of my favorites!

He followed the ducks around for a long time.

He was so excited about the quack, quacks!

Checking out the water.

He loves his daddy!

I really just want to eat him!

Looking for fish...

Good job behind the lens Lantis!

He found the mud puddles!

splish, splash!

We let him play in the puddles with his rain boots.

Again, looking for fish.

Hudson and Daddy

Hey Mommy!

He's so silly!

Lantis and his mini me.

This weekend I felt the need to be behind my camera for a little while, get out of the house, and I really wanted an updated photo of Hudson and I together. So Saturday morning we set out on a little family adventure to Aldridge Gardens. We killed several birds with one stone: Hudson could play outside, I could take photos, Lantis could see Aldridge Gardens for the first time, we could cure some cabin fever, and we could spend some quality time just the three of us before the skies opened and the rain started. My husband who is also great with a camera took over for a few minutes during our outing and he got some great shots of Hudson and I together and for that I was very greatful. I have tons of photos of Hudson--so many that I've nearly crashed computer and had to go buy an external hard drive--and I have a lot of photos of Hudson and Lantis together, but I have hardly any photos of Hudson and I together. The few that I do have are mostly just quick snapshots of he and I being silly around the house which means I'm wearing no make up and a T-shirt. So finally I have some decent photos of us worth framing. We had a great time wandering around the gardens and seeing the ducks. Hudson loved it!

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  1. You look great! What sweet pictures- can I ask WHY you are doing P90X? You seriously look fantastic!