Monday, September 14, 2009

Yard Sale Fun

I have been itching to write something in my blog the last few days, but I don't think you all would appreciate the day to day routine of my life. I don't think you really care about the grocery store trips, the laundry piled up in the hampers, Hudson and I sitting around watching Baby Einstien, or the mundane things us moms are required to do. So I've spared you the boring reading material.

In spite of nothing exciting happening over the last few days, we did have a good weekend. Our friends Jason and Alesha had a yard sale on Saturday and we went over Saturday morning sure we could find entertainment there. We just went to hang out and if you knew the Courson's you'd understand why. I haven't shared any of our "Courson Stories" yet, but they are always a doozie! There are thousands of Courson Stories to be told, but I'll share those on a rainy day. :) A quick little preface about Jason: he has more random "things" than I can put into words, he's a musician--plays about any instrument you put in front of him, a used car salesman, will justify buying just about anything under the sun--from a rusty old box truck to a flying pig, and is one of the funniest people I've ever been around. One of my favorite Jason stories occured several years ago long before he and his wife met at Lantis and my wedding. He invited us down to Tuscaloosa to tailgate before a football game where he was playing. He drove up in a Tonka truck--yes, a real life brightly painted truck with Tonka written on the tailgate. As if driving up in a Tonka truck wasn't strange enough, he had a pen full of chickens in the bed of the truck that he had picked up at a road side stand on his way to T-town. Get the picture here? So back to my story...

This was the only yard I've ever been to that actually had musical entertainment. Jason had several instruments sitting around for sale and he would pick them up periodically and serenade the yard sale shoppers. Hudson would then dance along to Jason's music. They were a funny pair. He tried teaching Hudson to play the harmonica, but he didn't quite get it. I assured Uncle Jason he'll get it soon enough. This was also the best arranged yard sale I've ever been to. He didn't just have his piles and baskets of junk sitting around like I typically do, no--he had lamps displayed on tables and had them turned on, he was playing the instruments for effect, etc. He's now the only person I've ever known who made over $500 at a yard sale, got a lead on giving music lessons to a shopper's kid, and got a lead on selling one of his used cars. Now that's what I call a salesman! I'm sure that before too long you'll get to hear many more Courson Stories.

Other than our yard sale excitement, I was kind of lazy. I did have a photo shoot Sunday afternoon with a sweet baby boy--see my Lens Envy blog for those pictures. They are so sweet. Now we're back in the grind today and I have a very busy week ahead. I have some very exciting things coming up in the next couple of weeks that I can't share yet, but I will as soon as I can. Dontcha love those little teasers! :) One thing I can share is that we will participate in the annual Foster Rd yard sale on Saturday September 26th. My in-laws' entire street puts on a big yard sale every fall and there are always good things to find. Several families will be at the Hollis house for sure and probably every house on the street. If you aren't sure where Foster Rd in Leeds is located, let me know and I can give you more specific directions. We'll have lots of plunder for your bargain shopping pleasure. Come check it out!

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