Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Long weekend=happy mommy=happy family

Hudson loved all of the water activities. I had to drag him away, otherwise he and I both would have been soaked!
We tried to get a picture of them both sitting in the fish mouth, but they were not interested.
My Huddy Buddy

Hudson and Gavin flying the plane. So cute!

They held hands in the car. Sweet little buddies. :)

We had a super fun holiday weekend! I love long weekends so much I can't stand it. I was able to get a lot accomplished around the house and I have almost finished my cleaning out extravaganza. We spent a lot of time with our dear friends Andrea and Brandon. We have all been so busy that we have not been able to hang out with them in awhile, but we made up for lost time this weekend. They came over with their little boy, Gavin, Saturday to watch football and grill out (Roll Tide by the way!) along with our friend Jeremy and his children. It was a fun night. We had three little boys all age two and under running around the house. They were so stinkin' cute. They are going to grow up to be good buddies. I don't know how any living being can have as much energy as the those three. There's not a quiet or dull moment with any of them around.

My best friend Rachel had a minor procedure done on Friday so we spent a little time at her house over the weekend checking in on her and giving her some company. Hudson was excited about seeing "way-way" (Hudson speak for Rae-rae).

Lantis and I were able to get out on the boat by ourselves at one point. That was the first time that we have been boating by ourselves in two years. It was a nice change of pace for us.

Andrea and I also took the boys to the McWane Center. They had a blast. I have been to the McWane Center for a few events in the past and to the Imax theater, but never through the activity and learning areas. We decided we would try it out. Even though the boys are young, they were very entertained by everything. The place is huge and there's a lot to see and do. Hudson particularly loved the aquarium portion. I think we will soon pay the Atlanta Aquarium a visit since he loved it so much. I posted a few pictures of Hudson and Gavin having fun.

Hope everyone else had a great holiday weekend also.

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