Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DIBS=yummy fun for everyone!

Have you all seen or tried the incredible, delectable little treat called Dibs? You can find them in the ice cream freezer at your local grocer. They are made by Edy's. They are very yummy and toddler friendly. Hudson goes berserk over ice cream no matter how it is served up. He would eat a bowl a day and I must say that ice cream is the one food that he is extremely precise with and spills nothing. He's so concerned with getting every drop in his mouth, that he doesn't risk a spill or mess for fear of wasting some. Anyway, regardless of how careful he may be with ice cream, sometimes I simply don't feel like dealing with the sticky stuff so Dibs are a great alternative. They are bite sized chocolate covered vanilla ice cream pieces and you'll love them and so will your little one. When I find something I love, I have to pass word along to all my fellow mommies and food lovers.

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