Thursday, July 8, 2010

We are Macy's and we'll put everything on sale for any darn reason

I heart Macy's and other stores like them who will put the entire store on sale for any reason. Oh its Flag Day? Great! Take 50% off. What can I say, they--like me--are festive and will take any opportunity to celebrate any occasion...or get rid of inventory. Whatever the case may be, I love it.

I swung by Macy's last week to take advantage of their ginormous 4th of July sale. If you recall my kitchen craze post a couple of weeks ago you'll know that I'm in great need of a few kitchen necessities. I'm happy to say that I was able to stock up on a few items that we genuinely can use:

These awesome Pop Containers by OXO. When I stumbled across these I felt like Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) when she spots some prized shoes in a store window. "Hello lover!". Seriously, I haven't been this giddy about something since New Kids on the Block came to town. Our pantry has never been so organized. Now all of our pantry items will stay freshy fresh and its neat. Win, win. There's nothing worse than pulling out a box of Triscuits that you had your heart set on, only to find that they are stale. No more of that, my friends!

Next up, I found some Calphalon pans that were included in the sale. Saute/fry pans were the first items on my "to-be-replaced" list becuase ours were in terrible shape. These were a must have. I've cooked in them a few times already and again, I'm in love! Nothing sticks, easy clean up, and I swear it just tastes better knowing that it came from a quality pan.

I got this little knife. a) its cute, b) I didn't have a santoku knife, c) it was on sale for $10 and d) Martha Stewart says they're great for cutting up sticky items like vegetables. Well, there you have it. No one cuts up sticky veggies more than me. Lots of chopping is required for frozen pizzas, so that was a no brainer.

Last and my most fave, I got some new kitchen towels. I'm sure none of our guests really care that my kitchen towels are stained and holey, but I do. I cleaned out the kitchen towel drawer, sent the grimey ones to the can-be-used-for-cleaning pile and put the new ones in their place. I couldn't find a pic of my adorable new towels online, so this link to their matching oven mitt is as good as its gonna get. They are precious!

So this holiday season I'm very thankful for our country and the freedom that that we have and for stores that cater to gullable people like myself. I will buy anything that is on sale. I use the term "sale" loosely because we all know that they are simply reducing it to only a half-way-rip-you-off-retail-price. Regardless, I'm happy and I feel like I made some good purchases!


  1. Do you ever shop at Kohl's? I swear, nothing is ever NOT on sale. I love that place. (I've gushed about it before

    I've been trying to pay my Kohl's card off for about a year now and have done well at staying out of there (except for quick Christmas time). But I'm itching to go back once my card has a zero balance again. LOL!

  2. Oh yes maam! I love Kohls too! and I totally agree--they always have something on sale.