Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best Buddies

We had a little visitor over Saturday afternoon: Hudson's best bud, Gavin. He came over to play with us for a few hours. I adore these two boys! They really love each other. Even though its been several weeks since we've been able to get them together, its like no time has passed. They were so happy to see each other and they play so well together! For the most part, they shared toys and when a negotiation started to take place Lantis or I would tell them to take turns with it and they would. Gavin would even announce, "Husson, I'm through with this and I'm going to put it down so you can play with it." hahaha!

This picture of them makes me want to pinch them till their chubby little cheeks hurt cause they are so stinkin cute. This is friendship in its purest form.

Gavin's face in the photo above: hahahaa!!

The play hut was a huge hit!! Until Hudson dove out of it onto the hardwood resulting in a knotty forehead. At least it was Hudson and not Gavin. I would have hated to send him home looking like a unicorn.

Poking your head out of a play hut hole requires a big "ahhhhhh!!!" to try to scare mommy. They got me every time too I must admit.

Gavin told Hudson that he could sit in his lap while they watched a movie. Thats love brother!

We had snack and color time at the table. That does not equal quiet time for two-two year old little boys in case you were wondering.

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