Friday, July 2, 2010

I Pray on it Mommy

Our little ones do things constantly that make us want to melt...and then they do those things that you will never forget and not just make you melt, but make you melt and want to boo-hoo all at once. That happened to me not once but twice this week.

After a trip to the skating rink (shown in previous post) Hudson had an accident in the car. He actually had a pull up on because in the event an accident did occur at the skating rink I didn't want some little roller skater to roll through a puddle and break a limb, or worse, for their daddy's lawyer to contact me about it. So back to the story: he was wearing a pull up, but he had to tee tee in the car and couldn't wait until we got home. He says, "Mommy I tee tee in my car." I reply, "That's ok Buddy it happens sometimes." He said he was sorry and I explained that there was no need to be sorry that I understood he couldn't wait to get home and he's learning, etc. After I received no response, I look up in the mirror and his hands are clasped and his head is bowed and eyes are closed. I watched for a moment and he looked up at me and said, "let's pray on my tee tee Mommy. "

Oh. My. Goodness. My baby wants to pray about his tee tee accident in the car. I almost had to pull over to give him some hugs and kisses. So together we said a little prayer about his tee tee-ing in the car and that was ok, but we'll try really hard to make it to the potty next time.

If that wasn't enough, the very next morning we were in the car on the way to work. He was going to work with me for the day and going to the daycare there and to Kindermusik (which I'll tell about later). I told him that he was going to school at mommy's work. When we were close to my office I said, "we're almost there Hudson." I look up and see the same little guy in deep prayer and he looks at me again and asks, "I pray about my cool, Mommy." So we said a little prayer together about him going to a new school that day.

It was one of the sweetest and most special things he's ever done. It is sometimes overwhelming to me that I am responsible for raising this little guy in a way that is pleasing to God, to be a good example to Hudson, and to help him secure his eternity. This was what I needed. A little sign that I'm doing something right. Its such a simple love and faith that even a two year old can find peace and comfort in Him. I pray that I can continue to nurture Hudson's love and faith in Jesus.

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  1. very sweet. we've had several of those moments lately. when trace does something he shouldn't do, he will say "it's ok, i forgive you mama!" even though he has it backwards, you can tell it comes strait from his little heart! love those baby boys!