Thursday, March 4, 2010


We're having a yard sale this weekend! There will be 5 families participating. It is taking place at my house. If you or someone you know is into yard sales please come our way. This stuff isn't going back into my house, but into the Hannah Home trailer when the yard sale is over. If you need directions, email me. I'm not going to broadcast my address on the blog. :)

Here is a list of what you can expect to find:

A black metal bakers rack

riding lawn mower

random furniture pieces

women's clothes, dresses and coats (mostly size 6's and mediums)

baby boy clothes size 6-12 months

kid boy clothes size 8-10

girl clothes size 4

4 prom dresses circa 1999-2002. Dates not included. If you went to high school with me, insert jokes here_______________. I could do it myself but the choices were too vast.

3 or 4 pageant dresses

queen bedding set

king bedding set

misc tools

sporting goods

exercise equip


Christmas decor


misc household items and nick knacks


plus things my family members are bringing that I'm clueless about

and whatever else I can dig up out of my closets in the next two days.

If I have time I'll try to post some photos, but I probably wont. (Even though I know you'd love to see some of my high school prom photos!) I'll be too busy scrounging through junk in my house.

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