Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Successful Weekend

I am so thankful for the beautiful weekend we had. We had a very successful yard sale. It was without a doubt the best one we've ever had. We sold everything that we didn't want to drag back in the house. All that was left were old things like clothes and they were donated to the new thrift store in Leeds Saturday afternoon.

The swing set is complete and it is fantastic! It exceeds my expectations. Once again, Lantis has impressed us all he has set a new standard. He finished the playground this weekend and Hudson certainly put it to use. Hudson loved it. He acted like he's been on a playground every day of his life. He climbed straight up the climbing wall and went down the slide with no hesitations. He's a pro! I assumed I would have to purchase a baby swing for him to use right now. He's never been on a big swing to my knowledge and I wasn't sure if he would be able to hang on. However, he too impressed me. He hopped in the swing and started flying high. I would push him and he would say "high Mommy!" Seeing him enjoy it so much brought so much joy to our hearts. Lantis said it made all the hard work worth every second. Here are a few photos of our first playtime on Hudson's new swing set:

the finished product

Hudson and Daddy warming up the swings

and again

mastering the climbing wall

hanging out in his fort

ready to slide!

ready, set, go!

swinging "high"!

Daddy and Buddy ready to catch

peek-a-boo my baby boy

Lantis' parents stopped by Sunday afternoon. It was Becky's birthday and since the weather was so nice they were out for a bike ride. We made cupcakes for Bebe and we all enjoyed one--especially Hudson.

Happy birthday to Bebe!

Poppy testing out the swing

Those crazy kids enjoying the beautiful weather on their bike.

The little piece of Hudson that now lives in our backyard. I look forward to many afternoons out here.

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