Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bye Bye Crib...Bye Bye Baby Hudson

Hudson's room took on a new look this past weekend. We did away with the crib and introduced the big boy bed. It was so sad for me. I was very emotional all weekend thinking about my baby boy sleeping upstairs on a bed. It made me feel like he was very exposed and vulnerable. I felt like he was much safer and secure in his crib. He could very nearly climb out of his crib and we'd noticed that he looked a little cramped in it. He almost looked too big for it. He's on the large size for his age anyway so I guess its no surprise that he looked like a grown man sleeping on a twin sized bed. We decided last week that he was ready for a little more independence and space especially with the big second birthday approaching this week. We had a big talk with him about the "big boy bed" and how special it was. We were afraid of several things: 1) his bedroom is directly connected to a bathroom, 2) his bedroom is upstairs, 3) he sleeps with a humidifier so I was afraid he'd try to play with that or the plug or something 4) he hasn't woken up in the night since he was 5 or 6 months old and is this going to mess up the sleep schedule? Of course there were a million other concerns, but we baby proofed as much as possible, gave it a try and said if it does not work we'll go back to the crib.

Friday night was his first night in it and he LOVES his new bed!! When we're playing in his room he loves climbing up on his bed and pretending to be asleep for mommy--complete with the fake snore! He's told everyone and bragged about his new bed. He totally took ownership of it. We told him that after we say our prayers and put him to bed at night he has to stay in it until we come up the next morning. He said, "ok!" and that's exactly what he's done. He has not woken up during the night. He lays down after bedtime prayers and says "night-night" just like he always has. When he wakes up in the morning he calls us and stays in the bed until we get there.

He's been fantastic! Looking back he's been an easy kid all around. He's made all of our transitions simple for us. I couldn't have ordered a better baby. Speaking of, this makes it official...he's no longer a baby, is he? He's a big boy in a big boy bed with a birthday coming up in a few short days. Wow. Well anyway, I'll get all emotional on yall in a couple of days when his second birthday is official. ;-) Here are a couple of pictures of his new bed that he loves so much. I'm having a couple of small throw pillows made that match his bedding that are going to be adorable. Yes, he sleeps with all those creatures plus two blankets. He kills me--theres barely room for him! Half of them are in the floor by the time morning rolls around except Bear-Bear of course. He never leaves Hudson's arms. They are quite the pair.

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  1. What a big boy! I love his new bed and I can't wait to see the finished pillows. You are giving me so much hope that the transition for Wyatt won't be so bad :) I am super impressed!