Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My favorite things

I'm just in one of those happy, giddy, glad-to-be-alive moods. I'm thinking about all the things I love, couldn't live without and have to have in my life. There are so many things, but..."these are a few of my favorite things" (pretend you hear Julie Andrews singing in her crazy Swiss hat here).

Hudson's belly laughs.

The sunshine and everything about it. The flowers it makes grow. The tan it puts on my skin. The warmth it puts in my soul. The little lens flare it puts in my photos.
The energy it gives my beautiful little boy who is also my sunshine and reason for being every day. ;)

Hudson "helping" around the house.

The signs of changing seasons...ferns on my front porch means spring's-a comin!

Nature. Its beautiful. Amazing. Never ceases to amaze me. Always reminds me what a great God I serve.

I couldn't live without kissing these sweet cheeks.

I need this guy

Baubles, trinkets, pretty shiny girly things--especially if they're personalized.

These two loving each other and being nosy neighbors.


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