Monday, November 8, 2010

Sunday Fun Day Phone Pics-Edition 3-on Monday

so much to comment on here, but I'll just say: nice bike...and wings

Bear Bear makes a great pillow.

Bear Bear also makes a great time out companion. I do not allow Bear in time out, but he was somehow sneaked into the corner without my knowledge.

Has anyone heard of a recent gorilla escape from the zoo?

I wish I could sleep like this.

we voted!

Hudson measuring the coffee table for me. Long story, but I'm selling these tables to get a new...something. I dont want a table. I am thinking a trunk or drum, or something off the wall. I'll keep you updated on the coffee table replacement search.

Thank goodness we have a handy man around this house.

Since I'm always incredibly lazy on Sundays, I've failed to keep up with my Sunday Fun Day Phone Pics. it is on Monday instead. Enjoy!

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