Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin. Monster. Lion. Racoon.

I guess its a sign that Hudson is slightly indecisive when we've changed Halloween costume ideas 4 times in 4 weeks. I can't imagine where he gets that.

I started thinking about a costume back in oh...May or June. I asked Hudson what we would like to dress up in for Halloween and he said a "punkin"! Everything looked very big boy-ish or very little boy-ish.

Then Jamie posted on her facebook that she was selling her boys' little monster costumes from last year. They are adorable (both the costumes and the boys that wore them!)! So I thought I'd hit the jack pot. Then we were never able to make our schedules match up (aka: I am so busy I can't find 10 minutes in my scchedule to stop and meet her on the way home from work). So on to the next idea...

I again asked Hudson what he wanted to be for Halloween because Mommy really needed to buy something. He said " A lion! ROOAAARRRR!!!". There's no reasonably priced lion costume out there that looks decent. On to idea number four...

I gave him time to forget about the lion idea and asked again what he wanted to be and he said a "RaccOON!" There was a recent episode at my in laws' house with a raccoon, so we think raccoons are cool now. For two more weeks he consistently said he wanted to be a raccoon, so I knew I had to deliver. If I'd shown up with a lion, monster or any other costume it would have been a huge bust and would have resulted in the melt down of the century and worst mom award for me.  Now where to find a raccoon?

My mom who happens to be the worlds most creative grandmother in the world, that's where! Mom created a little hat, tail, and mask that was a big success.

Since Lantis and I were out of town all weekend so believe it or not we actually haven't seen him in his raccoon gear and didn't get to take him trick or treating, but dont feel bad for him. He was with the grandparents, my sister, and his cousins all weekend and I assure you that he had more fun with them than he ever would have with us. I think they crashed every fall festival in St Clair County and did plenty of trick or treating. I am so thankful for my precious family and my precious little raccoon.

When we take Hudson out this week to our friends' houses to trick or treat you know I'll get plenty of good pics. For now, here is a pic from my mom's phone:

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