Monday, November 15, 2010


I have a new love affair with fur. Yes, fur. I never thought I'd wish for another fur coat after my infamous white rabbit fur coat I owned as a young girl (that I wore until the sleeves were up to my elbows) but friends, it has happened. I think it all started a few weeks ago with Rachel Zoe. She is constantly in fur, animal prints, and ridiculously obnoxious and huge faux fur collars. (Faux fur of course since PETA likes to throw paint on celebrities in real animal fur) Then I saw Kate Hudson wearing a vintage fur coat very similar to this one. How cute would this be with jeans, boots, and a casual shirt?

I am loving this little Cruella Deville number for a dressy occassion...

Oh friends, I DIE FOR THIS ONE...I'm digging her hat too!

Hello grey coat that I would wear even in July because you are so gorgeous.

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