Monday, November 1, 2010


We needed a little bit of fun and I think we should be more careful what we ask for! We had too much fun this weekend.

We attended a costume party at  The Hamer's lake house. What fun that was!! Most everyone participated and dressed up. We had great food, fun and music .

All the crazies that dressed up! :)

Bret Michaels and his groupie. :) I know my hand looks deformed. Just look away.

Jason Courson and the band serenaded us into the night.

Heidi and Jonathon absolutely cracked me up! Great costumes.


Sunday we attended the NASCAR race at Talladega. Again, SO MUCH FUN! We got hooked up with some hot pit passes so we were able to get up close and personal with everyone.  Saturday night Denny Hamlin's rental car was left over at the Hamer's house and somehow Lantis and I ended up driving it back to the track on Sunday. Luckily he left his rental paper work in the car. Otherwise no one would have believed that it was Denny's vehicle and we wouldn't have even made it past the first gate much less to the motorcoach!

The fortunate remainder of Denny's rental car paperwork which got us through the gates.

Hangin' outside the motorcoach getting ready for the race to start.

Brian's car tools and stuff in the garage.

Denny's pit

waiting on driver introductions

Jeff workin the crowd

Us and Montoya. Lantis is obsessed with anything/anyone spanish.

Lantis and his crush, Jamie Little.

Us on pit road.

Me and Jeff

Me and Jimmie

Race time!

watching a pit stop. So cool!

Becky driving the golf cart with a hi-jacked "tow" sign from Denny.

National anthem with Gordon and his crew.

Inside Jeff's hauler.

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