Sunday, February 28, 2010

All's Well that Ends Well

Remember how my last post was about all the things that were going wrong last week? The debit card incident? dog covered in syrup? Any of those ringing a bell? I was afraid to blog about it too soon and ask what else can happen for fear of jinxing it and apparently I did...

Saturday morning I had a very early morning photo shoot that was about a 45 minute drive away from my house. I left at 8 and Hudson was still asleep which is somewhat abnormal. Occasionally he will sleep until 7:30 or 8, but not often. We're usually up and running between 6:30 and 7. In conversation before I left Lantis mentioned that he heard Hudson cough a couple of times in the night. I sleep like a log and I hear NOTHING in my sleep. Thankfully I married a light sleeper because when my lights go out good luck getting me up for anything including my child. I thought that would change when I had a child, but apparently I missed that motherly gene. Heaven forbid you have to wake me up in the middle of the night because I will act completely stupid and not remember a thing the next morning. I think I have some kind of sleeping disorder. Here's how bad it is: once (before we were married) my dad had to be taken to the hospital during the night. An ambulance pulled up to our house, medics brought a gurney into our house and rolled it down the hall past my bedroom, worked on my dad, rolled him out, took him away in the amulance and I never heard a thing. My sister woke me up the next day and had to tell me the entire story. Crazy I know...anywhoo...I went to my first photo shoot, took care of business, got back in the car and started driving to sessiong #2. I had a missed call and text from Lantis. He never calls when I'm working so I'm alarmed. The text says: "vomit everywhere, vomit contest, keep working, we're ok." I called him and he told me that Hudson slept until 9, when he went up to his room to get him up it was covered in vomit. Those weren't just coughs that Daddy was hearing in the night. The poor little guy was vomitting all over the place and mommy and daddy didn't even know it. Lantis said he wasn't holding anything--food or drink--down. He had been throwing up for the last hour and everytime he threw up Lantis threw up too because he has a really light stomach. I have never felt more horrible than I did at that moment. My baby has a stomach bug and is throwing up for the first time in his two little years and his mommy isn't there to hold him, wipe his mouth, clean him up, or tell him its ok. You know when you're sick you just want your mommy. On top of that Lantis is handling all this by himself and throwing up at the same time.

I still had one more photo shoot to before I could head home. I debated canceling but I knew she was having her hair done for the occasion and canceling wasn't an option. Next best thing: I called in the troops to take my place. This is when I'm glad that family is close by. I call my sweet neighbor and she had some Gatorade and she took it over to the house. I call my mom to go over and lend a helping hand--the loving mommy touch and her amazing ability to clean. My dad went to Walgreens for pedialite. Within 5 minutes all troops were assembled and on the go. However, little did we know, my efficient husband had already completely stripped the room of all bedding and stuffed animals and everything that had been contaminated. He had already starting washing things. He had already bathed Hudson TWICE! I wasn't shocked because that's exactly why I married him--he can do it all--but I'm always a little amazed even after 9 nine years together. Some men would freak out and retreat. Lantis tackled it all and did it throwing up.

I got home around lunch time and Hudson had been vomit free for about an hour or more. My mom and dad were gone. Almost all the dirty clothes and bedding were washed. The house was amazingly clean--all thanks to Lantis. All I had to do was lysol his crib and give my baby LOTS of love. He never threw up again, but he was a lot more quiet than normal and had a weak look in his eyes. We lounged around the rest of the day, read lots of books, watched a couple of movies, and exchanged lots of love. He took a really good three hour nap that afternoon and has been almost normal Hudson ever since--just a little more lovey than usual. He still hasn't been sick again, just an upset tummy. He still hasn't eaten anything substantial, but is drinking a lot so I guess its ok.

Today was a great day. We went outside to play and enjoy the sunshine and cure some cabin fever. Hudson seems to feel good. Lantis went and purchased Hudson's swing set that is his birthday present and started assembling it. He made great progress. Again, he can do it all. From building a swing set, repairing a car, knowing which stock to invest in, to taking over mommy duties when she's away. He's great to have around. :) This is going to be a great swing set. Lantis is a perfectionist and this is for his baby so he's taking great pains in making sure every board is level and every angle plum. He made great progress today and got the entire fort constructed. Needless to say I think the week/weekend ended well. So...all's well that ends well.

Hudson "helped" daddy with some of the building today with his toy tools which was too cute. He hammered, drilled and sawed on the lumber right with dad. I caught this little moment of them working together on my phone. They are so sweet.

This is a snapshot from our deck of our backyard as it exists today. Soon there will be a massive structure mixed in among the trees where Hudson can be a little boy.

I will have a swing set update when there's more to report so stay tuned.

I am looking forward to a great week and more beautiful weather next weekend!

Check out the Lens Envy blog for photos of this weekend's sessions.

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