Thursday, February 25, 2010

One of those days...or weeks

I have definitely had one of those days...or maybe weeks. We had a fabulous weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I had a couple of photo shoots with some very handsome boys that you can see on Lens Envy's blog.

It all got off to a great start on Sunday afternoon when my sweet child scratched himself with we're not sure what and he had a big scratch across his right eye lid. We were playing in the yard and he was playing with sticks, toy tools, and everything he could get his hands on so we aren't sure what actually caused the scratch, but it looked ugly and his eye was a little puffy. Any injury eye related freaks me out so I was a little concerned about it, but kids are resilient.

Monday morning my sweet hubby decided to get up and cook pancakes for us before we hit the road for the week. The dog was, like usual, laying under the kitchen table while we ate. Lantis somehow dropped the bottle of syrup and in its tumble to the floor it spews syrup everywhere but mostly on Buddy, the golden retriever. The dog has syrup all over his back which he was loving because he could lick it off. We are not loving it however, because can imagine a long haired golden retriever covered in syrup. Needless to say he went outside and will not be allowed back in until someone has time to take him to the groomer. He needed to go anyway. Good timing I guess. Better than if he'd just been groomed because its not cheap!

I can't even remember what happened on Tuesday because yesterday out shined it. I needed to go to the bank yesterday during lunch but beforehand I needed to check my balance online. I hop online and discover a charge that I know nothing about. I don't recognize the source, it was from out of state, and the amount isn't ringing any bells so I immediately think, "OH NO MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED INTO!". Which would make sense because I do massive amounts of spending online and I've been so scared lately that its going to happen to me. I call Lantis in hysteria. He suggests I call the bank, duh. I call the bank and can't get a human being on the phone. I'm freaking out so I simply hit the button that shuts down my whole account. :) I finally get a human on the phone because I feel the need to speak to a human when I've become a victim of identity theft. Although I love the cute automated chick, she just wasn't providing the emotional support I needed at that point. The nice girl in customer service who finally took my call informs me that the "mysterious charge" on my account was actually from AT&T. :-/ Yes, this makes sense. I set up online bill pay a month ago but forgot what date it was being drafted out and I swear the damn thing didn't say AT&T anywhere on my online banking records. I promise it doesn't!! So now I have a debit card that no longer works until my new one arrives in 5-7 days. I actually tested that theory at the gas station yesterday when I stopped on the way home having forgotten about the entire incident. (how do you forget that your account doesn't work!?!?) The gas station employee says "ma'am your card has been denied". I get the looks from him and everyone around me in line. I was so embarrassed. Of course nothing you say at that moment makes it OK that you've just been denied. Everyone thinks you don't know how to manage your money, end of story. Not the case exactly, I'm just a little scatter brained, stressed and forgetful right now.

Summary: I turned off my debit card because I forgot about my phone bill and thought I was a victim of some horrible monster who was going to syphon all the money from my account. Then I forgot about the whole incident just hours later and I tried to use the card.

Today Lantis calls me on my way to work and I was at the bank (getting money since I can't use my card) and he says he just had a close call on the road. He was nearly rear his grandmother on her way to the dollar store.

I'm not sure how this week is going to end and I'm afraid to ask. If any other news worthy events take place, and I hope they do not, I'll be sure to share...because this is my life. Enjoy.


  1. BAHAHAHAHA. That sounds like everything that would happen to me. I am not sure which is my favorite- Lantis about getting in a fender bender with his grandmother, or the syrup on the dog!

  2. i can relate to most of that! just wait til there's 2 kids... the poor dog will probably never get groomed again. haha!