Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kindling my love for reading

For Christmas Lantis gave me a Kindle from Amazon. If you are a frequent reader this puppy is for you.

We realized a couple of years ago that I'm a tech nerd. Bad. Especially when it comes to gadgets that I think will make my life easier, more productive, and faster. I'm a sucker for it. Lantis is literally an educated computer nerd. Can program computers and do ridiculous things behind a keyboard, but I'm the gadget girl. iPods, phones, iPhones, TV's, Blu Ray DVD players, video camera, stereo equipment, computers, you name it, I gotta have it and I've talked Lantis into buying it. Most men would probably love to have a wife that was bouncing off the walls about buying a Harmony remote control. My hubby? Nope. He loves it deep down but feels obligated to keep me reigned in. I think my jubilation over gadgets has overshadowed his by far. He's jealous. Best Buy loves to see me coming. The smell of new plastic on an electronic device gives me goosebumps. I get as excited, maybe more, about gadgets as I do new clothes and accessories. Get the picture? What? I'm a passionate person!

So I had been eyeing the Kindle for awhile and dropping hints. Its not a cheap little thing so its not something I could just go run out and buy. I was secretly hoping that Santa would keep it in mind and he did.

This thing is amazing. It downloads books directly to your device in less than a minute. It uses AT&T's wireless network to download books where ever you are. If you're sitting in your reclinder or on the beach, it doesn't matter. It sends the book right to your Kindle in less than 60 seconds. All that is absolutely free. It even works around the globe! You create an Amazon account--or use your existing one if you shop on Amazon--and it bills your card for the book. Kindle books are dirt cheap. The last few books I've read were all under $5. The most expesive book I've bought on it was $10. It was Dan Brown's last book. When it came out in stores in hardcover for $25-30 I got it on the Kindle for $10. Its dirt cheap because you aren't paying for the book. You can also get newspaper and magazine subscriptions on it. It holds up to 1500 books. All these downloads to your Kindle are saved in your Amazon account. So no worries if something ever happens to your Kindle, you've still got all your books online that can transfer to another.

One thing that I've noticed about the Kindle is how comfortable it is. I typically read in the bed as I'm winding down at night. With certain books I have a hard time getting cozy, but this thing is easy to hold and comfy anytime, anywhere.

I know some of yall out there are big into library books and just books period. I have two jobs, a kid, a house to maintain, etc. I do not have time to go to the library or book stores! Most of the time I barely have groceries! Really. For awhile I was buying used books on Amazon. I was able to find used Stephen King books for a penny, some Sandra Browns for 20 cents! That worked out well until I kept getting caught without a book and waiting for the next one to arrive. I'm impatient.

Then along came Kindle and changed my life. For my lifestyle this is perfect and it has saved me money. Not to mention the fact that its technically a gadget! ;-) I do love the smell of a book, the feel of the pages in my hands and hearing the spine crack as I read. I will probably buy or borrow a book from time to time just to remember that good comforting feeling, but the times are a-changin' and I'm ready to roll with it. I absolutely adore my Kindle! It has changed my life and I highly recommend this bad boy to any avid readers. Put it on your wish list for the next birthday and/or holiday. Do it.

Oh and they also make really cute cases for them! Accessorize my Kindle? Why, yes I believe I will.

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  1. oh no, I smell an Ipad on your next wish list :)