Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to everyone! Ours was great. It was a beautiful day and everything Easter Sunday should be. We went to my mom and dad's church that morning. It was great to see everyone that I haven't seen in years. After lunch and naptime we went by Lantis' parents house where the Easter bunny left a tricycle for Hudson. We were all amazed that he hopped on and started pedaling. He needed help making turns and going up any inclines, but otherwise is a tricycling champ. These little people amaze me. We obviously don't give them enough credit for everything they are capable of.

Hudson on his new bike. I'm sure this will be the center of many photos this summer!

Hudson and his amazing blue eyes.

Ready for church but no time for decent photos. We were running late as usual. I plan to take him out soon for some good pics anyway. Maybe I'll get the Easter outfit back out for that.

Hudson giving Rufus, his new monkey, a kiss.

I love this silly kiddo. He decided that he didn't want breakfast Sunday morning. Instead he wanted rice cakes while sitting in mommy's lap loving my fuzzy housecoat.

Rummaging through his loot.

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