Monday, October 11, 2010

Punkin Patches--a review of sorts

Saturday I took the day off from my crazy fall/holiday photo schedule to take Hudson to the pumpkin patch. Last year we went to the Old Baker Farm which was fabulous and I highly recommend it. This year we switched things up and we went to The Heart Of Dixie Railroad Museum and took a ride on the Pumpkin Patch Express.

Hudson is currently crazy about trains and I knew he would love it. It was great! I would have liked it to be a few or 15 degrees cooler, but what can you do? We sucked it up and enjoyed ourselves. Hudson LOVED it! I would highly recommend it to any parent with little boys who love trains. It was organized and very kid friendly.

If you're contemplating the two pumpkin patches and trying to decide which is the best for you, here is my opinion: There are two major differences in two pumpkin patches we've been to. One: The Old Baker Farm provides a fun tractor pulled hayride to the pumpkin patch. The HODRRM provides a breezy little train ride to the pumpkin patch. Personally I preferred the easy breezy train ride to the pumpkin patch to the hayride at the Baker Farm. I also don't like to smell like I just hopped off a tractor. Two: you have pre picked pumpkins versus on the vine pumpkins. I also preferred the pre-picked pumpkins set out in the nice grassy field to the authentic pick-your-pumpkin-off-the-vine-and-beware-of-the-wild-animals-and-pressure-wash-your-dirty-pumpkin-when-you-get-home at the Baker Farm.

Let's just call a spade a spade and put it out on the table: I'm a slightly high maintenance gal. So it should come as no surprise that walking through a grassy field and picking up pre picked pumpkins that are relatively clean is my preference over the real deal down and dirty pumpkin patch. I mean really, do the kids know the difference? I doubt it. Therefore lets make it easy on mom because I don't own work boots and I felt like that's exactly what I should have worn last year to the Farm! All that said, I think both are great choices depending on whats best for your family and your style.

We had a blast on the Pumpkin Patch Express! I look forward to the Polar Express and then doing it all again next year!

Of course I didn't go without my camera, so I'll share a few of my favorites from the day...

Our little Hollis family

My sweet baby boy who looks less like a baby every day...

He's such a big boy now! :*( I swear he looks like a 4 year old in this pic!

Love him.

Having a blast!


So excited! :D!!

Getting his ticked punched to get on the train. What pumpkin on the conductor's hat? I didn't notice!?

We sat in one of the open air cars and hoped for a breeze.

The patch.

Can I have this one? He chose a small one that he could carry. Because he can do everything "by myfelf!!"

Searching for the perfect "punkin".

...and we have reached our limit of heat and dusty fields full of pumpkins, jumping (apparatuses...apparati...appa...) whatever. Jumping things! And large blow up yard decorations.

Me, Dad, and some stray cast member from Beach Blanket Bingo. Oh crap that's my Mom! Hey Suzy Q!

Hudson and the Howard's-my parents' best friends and my other mom and dad.

Loaded back up on the train and waving goodbye to the pumpkin patch. Particularly to the pumpkin patch employee with the giant megaphone and overalls. I was waving hello to a breezy train ride.

And look who's family also rode the train with us? Our friends Rachel and Wyatt and their sweet family! I had hoped to get a couple of pictures of Hudson and Wyatt together, but it was hot and we had two year olds with their own agendas and families to keep up with. But I did get a shot of this handsome little fella'--all smiles on the choo choo!

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