Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Did that just happen?

If weeks could be compared to hurricanes, I just lived through Katrina. Finally several days later I've recovered enough to talk about it.

Let's begin with last Monday and my car breaking down. It died at work, Lantis luckily had a light schedule that day and was able to rescue me. We swapped vehicles and I drove his gigantic truck the remainder of the day. In his heroic attempt to get the car back home--because he can fix it himself!--the car dies with him on the interstate and leaves him coasting off the exit ramp.

Next was a broken flat iron on Tuesday that left me looking something like...this....I just told everyone that I needed a little extra bounce in my life that day. I didn't want to admit defeat and make excuses for my appearance. I figured if I made the decision to leave the house in that condition I'd better own it!

Tuesday and Wednesday also brought with them some major furniture issues at work that nearly gave me a heart attack. Thankfully it was someone elses mistake, but still my responsibility. I know. Its furniture, not brain surgery, but having to reschedule a move of 100 people is a big deal. Especially when they've already scheduled patients in their new location. Luckily I was able to put out that fire and rectify the situation.

Speaking of the situation...who is "The Situation"? I know nothing about Jersey Shore except that I would rather poke out my eyeballs with a dull pencil than be forced to watch those confused individuals roam around with big hair and tacky clothes. Really America? Why are we giving those people attention? I know we're all making fun of them, but let's move on and find something not so trashy to watch.

Now back to me...I had no time for grocery trips all week which lead to eating cereal for dinner or eating out.

Thursday brought on a visit to the dermatologist which I was stoked about leading up to the appointment. The derm date ended with a mole removal, horse pills, several lotions and potions, and talk about a cosmetic procedure that pretty much scared the you know what out of me. They aren't kidding when they say beauty is painful. I'm putting it off as long as possible or at least until I have a week off work since I'll look like a burn victim for seven days. I'm considering this.

Then we ended the week with a big fat PRAISE GOD!!! I'll have to let that be a separate post. It deserves its own.

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